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When: Thursday, March 7th, 4:00 PM-5:00 PM EST


The World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement for government procurement creates specific international trade ground rules for countries and companies to participate in a seven trillion dollar ($7,000,000,000) procurement market—but every participating country/company, US and otherwise, must follow the ground rules established by the WTO to participate in this huge market. What are those ground rules and exceptions?

Speaker: Barbara Kinosky

Guest Speaker: Dan Minutillo

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Meet the Host

Managing Partner

Barbara Kinosky

Barbara Kinosky, Esq., is the Managing Partner of Centre Law & Consulting and a highly experienced professional with over thirty years of representing clients in various federal government contracting issues, disputes, and protests. Barbara has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to federal government contracting and was voted into the American Bar Foundation as a Fellow, an honor limited to the top 1% of licensed attorneys. Barbara Kinosky is a nationally renowned speaker, author, expert witness, and AAA Arbitrator specializing in complex prime subcontractor disputes. She is an exclusive contributing author for Bloomberg, invited by invitation only. Barbara Kinosky has been consistently recognized as a top attorney for federal contracting by Smart CEO magazine. Her expertise is further validated by her Top Secret Security Clearance. Prior to establishing Centre Law & Consulting, Barbara led a government contracts practice group at a major law firm.


Dan Minutillo

Minutillo, a Partner with over 30 years of experience, leads Centre’s international trade practice. He has handled legal matters regarding the worldwide export of commercial and non-commercial products from the United States to most continents in the world, the classification of products and technology (ECCN) prior to export, CBP customs issues, the export of products that use or contain encryption, ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) matters, and related CFIUS, Anti-Dumping, FOCI, OFAC, HTS, sanctions and VSD’s (voluntary disclosures) to government agencies. Minutillo is handling all the issues that have arisen with the Russian sanctions. Minutillo represents some of the largest and most influential corporations in Silicon Valley.