About Centre

Centre Law & Consulting, LLC is the only company that provides integrated legal, training, and consulting services in federal contracting to both government and industry clients. Founded in 2002, Centre is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) headquartered in Tysons, VA.

Legal Services

At Centre Law & Consulting, we specialize in federal government contracting issues. We realize that government contract disputes are very different from typical commercial contract disputes. Our experienced attorneys provide solutions and results that are both effective and cost efficient. We have successfully represented clients before all major tribunals, including the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the agency Boards of Contract Appeals, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Consulting Services

Our over 30 years of government contracting experience makes 
a difference. Centre’s consultants, attorneys and CPAs know the complex rules and regulations of GSA Schedules. Put Centre’s knowledge and relationships with GSA to work for you on audit support, renewals, modifications, new proposals and compliance.


Centre Law & Consulting is an industry leader in providing public training to both industry clients and government agency personnel. Any of Centre’s training courses can be brought on-site for a more cost effective way to train employees. Centre ensures that every on-site training course is tailored specifically to each client’s needs to meet their learning objectives. Learn why our instructors are rated the best in the industry.

Centre also provides government contracting curriculum training (FAC-C, FAC-COR, FAC-P/PM).

What Clients Are Saying

  • My experience with Centre Law has been nothing short of informative and professional.  First, let me speak to the staff.  From the moment you call or enter the center, you are greeted by the most professional and friendly receptionist, always a smile on her face, which is very rare these days. Then there is Lali! Lali made the process so simple.  She was there to answer every question possible, and I feel as if I had many – from didn’t I take this class, isn’t this class offered virtually, to do you have a discount. No matter the question or how many times I may have asked the same question, she answered them all patiently, efficiently and professionally. Thank you, Lali and because of your organization, reminders, and guidance I completed the CSCM program in 9 months! The courses offered are exactly what you to need in the federal contracting industry. Truly, complete a class and you can use the information the next day.  Think you know everything about the business, you will always learn something new from one of the many instructors. Where all of the instructors are great, my favorite was Wayne.  He knows his stuff, he’s interesting and very personable. I would highly recommend the CSCM program hands down to anyone looking to get a better handle on the ins and outs of federal contracting. 
    —Thomasina Ross
  • I have been administering and managing GSA Schedule contracts for over 15 years.  The CSCM is by far the best GSA Schedule training I have ever taken!  Whether you are a Junior Contracts Administrator or a Senior Contracts Manager, the CSCM Program will definitely increase your knowledge about GSA Schedule contracts and Federal Government IDIQ contracts. I recommended Centre Law and Consulting to numerous colleagues from my organization and I received positive feedback from everyone who attended training at Centre.  If you want top-notch GSA Schedule training, take the CSCM Training at Centre!
    —Miles Maye
  • I decided to sign up for the CSCM program to enhance my knowledge of my everyday work. After taking several of the classes, I was able to branch out a little more and adjust my role and take on more responsibilities. I am now the main point of contact and admin for our GSA schedules. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instructors, quality of course content, support staff and the willingness of everyone to go above and beyond in answering questions, during and after classes. Centre Law & Consulting, doesn’t treat you like just another student; you are treated like family. I highly recommend to anyone consider the program to go for it. You will not be disappointed. Obtaining my CSCM not only gave me a greater knowledge of my work, but a bigger paycheck. With more experience and knowledge came a pay raise for me. So, the way I see it… It’s a win, win for both my employer and I.
    —Lynn Andes, CSCM
    Business Services
    Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.
  • I decided to sign up for the CSCM program just to enhance my knowledge about what I was doing at the time, which was handling our three GSA schedules. After taking a few classes, I was able to branch out a little more and even adjust my role at work to include contract work and legal Agreements. I highly recommend these courses simply because for me, and probably for others, the wide scope of topics within the CSCM program is enough to not only support what you’re doing now, but maybe what you could be doing in the future as well.
    —Jim Fitzgerald
    Contracts Administration
    TESSCO Technologies
  • I highly recommend the CSCM program. It is truly a high quality program with knowledgeable and professional instructors. The classes have improved my GSA/VA contract knowledge which is relevant to the work I do and has prepared me to become a leader in my organization. Centre Law & Consulting provides the opportunity to make connections for networking and continuous learning. Although I have completed the program, I will continue to take classes to further enhance my knowledge. The Annual Review is always very informative and a great experience! Keep up the great work!!
    —Savontaye Dunn
    Program Manager
    Sysmex America Inc.
  • As a Prime Contractor, with similar product offerings as other primes, CounterTrade Products, Inc. knew from inception that our people and customer service standards would set us apart from the competition. While acting as CounterTrade’s Contracts Manager and Contracts PM I quickly discovered a need to expand my knowledge in federal contracting in order to better serve our program offices and customers. The CSCM program offered by Centre Law & Consulting has given me the tools to accomplish my goals. Each course and instructor has exceeded expectation. I have been able to provide knowledge transfer to our staff and provide federal contracting staff above expected support. I recommend the pursuit of the CSCM with Centre Law & Consulting to anyone who desires a strong foundation in federal government concepts.
    —Angela Dumm, CSCM
    Contract Manager
    CounterTrade Products, Inc.
  • With the CSCM program, I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instructors, quality of course content, the energetic discussions, and the instructors’ willingness to answer questions during and after class. There were subjects in which I had little previous knowledge, and the courses have been great in enhancing my knowledge and the value of my counsel to our small business clients, as well as providing an analytical framework for future work. When you attend a Federal Contracting Institute program with Centre, you’re going to get a graduate-level education on the subject matter, not superficial knowledge you would get in a training course. CSCM has been an extremely positive educational experience as well as a great networking opportunity to meaningfully interact with other professionals in the contracting field.
    —Jeff Cuskey, CPCM, CFCM, CSCM, CPP
    Senior Procurement Specialist/Counselor
    Monterey Bay Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)
  • [The CSCM program] increased my contract management knowledge and GSA schedules knowledge, I enjoyed the entire program. I would recommend the program for all levels and professional skill sets within contract management.
    —Chris Secor, CPCM, CFCM
    Director of Contracts & Pricing
    Envisioneering, Inc.
  • The program has provided me with in depth knowledge of GSA Schedules. The topics covered were relevant to many of the challenges I face as a contracts professional and also relevant to the issues that my company faces as an IT reseller. Jim Phillips taught many of the courses I took for the CSCM program and he was excellent at steering the conversation towards specific challenges that the participants were experiencing. Many problems are solved in these classes! The program also offered me the opportunity to brainstorm and share experiences with others in my field, which provided me with valuable insights into other company’s contract management practices.
    —Jennifer Libby
    GSA Contracts Manager
    Emergent, LLC
  • Due to the Government Contracting cuts, my department has been cut from 5 to 1 over the past 4 years and this training and advanced knowledge has helped me become more efficient in my daily job requirements. I spend a lot less time researching issues now. I have a better understanding of what reference material I need, what FAR Part to go to first, what Government Website covers what issues, and a lot of time I just pull out a course study to grab the guidance and give myself a refresher. The Annual Review is by far my favorite. The variety of subjects covered along with the diverse class room of industry that attends makes it feel like I have received a weeks worth of knowledge in one day. I look forward to taking many more classes and continuing to renew my certification!
    —Lanette K. Vela, CP, CSCM
    Director of Contracting
    McLane Advanced Technologies, LLC
  • [The CSCM program] distinguishes me as a recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program. The program was thorough and covered all aspects of the FSS program, the instructors had a deep understanding of subject matter, and the information presented was up to date. If all GSA consultants were to receive CSCM certification, the quality of the service provided by our industry would significantly improve!
    —Michelle L. Hermelee, CSCM
    BH Sky Associates
  • I have a Masters in Federal Contracting through ESI-GW University, and I’ve been involved in Federal Contracting for 20 years, so I use FED CTR to keep up on changes; now attend annual update classes. I like the CSCM program because it’s typically small classes and allows for good dialog between participants. I often learn about different contracting vehicles and how they are managed though other participants. I was pleased to see that Fed Ctr now has more focus on training on the schedules program, specifically the VA schedules for Medical products and services.
    —Cathleen Fuhrman
    Corporate Account Executive
    Federal Government Business
    Sysmex America, Inc.
  • It has been very beneficial during my employment. The courses and instructors were excellent! Great program! Keep up the good work!
    —Janet George
  • The caliber of the instructors in this program is probably its greatest asset. In addition, I appreciated that the program was not based on lectures alone. There was always significant interaction between the instructors and the students which allowed for meaningful learning and dialogue. Some of the courses I have taken at other institutions were geared toward teaching for a certification exam. Centre’s goal is to make you a better informed and more prepared contracts professional, which adds a great amount of value to the CSCM certification.
    —Jennifer Libby
    GSA Contracts Manager
    Emergent, LLC
  • My experience with Centre and the CSCM certification training program has been excellent in all aspects – most assuredly the content of the training, the professionalism and knowledge of the instructors, class scheduling and support staff, and the willingness of everyone to go above and beyond in answering and responding to questions before, during, and after training. It has enhanced and broadened my knowledge of the GSA Schedules program, resulting in much more confidence in myself, and more efficiency in my job.
    —Barbara J. Paszternak
    GSA Schedule Manager


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