Want to avoid getting tripped up on the intricacies of compliance or need to better understand the regulations around the Buy American Act (BAA) and Trade Agreements Act (TAA)?

These Acts are the primary “buy national” rules impacting government contracts. BAA and TAA rules and regulations shape the government’s buying strategies, contractor’s supply chains, and, increasingly, the public perceptions of government contracting.

This “Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act: Current Law and Future Trends” course will cover all aspects of the BAA and TAA including what the Acts cover, how to meet the Acts’ requirements, and how to incorporate BAA and TAA compliance into government contract Compliance Programs since violations are a major source of False Claims Act cases.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Understand what the BAA and TAA actually require
  • Determine what contracts are covered and what contracts are exempt
  • Plan both a proposal strategy and contract performance that meets those requirements
  • Analyze situations where BAA or TAA compliance is not clear
  • Determine if a particular product complies with BAA and TAA
  • Know what qualifies as “substantial transformation” under the TAA
  • Apply the legal definition of “manufactured” to your products
  • View prime contractor/subcontractor relationships through the BAA/TAA prism
  • Design or improve the BAA and TAA parts of their government contract compliance programs
  • Understand the impact of the False Claims Act, the False Statements Act, and debarment
  • Recognize other national requirements including specialty metals, Berry Amendment, special contract clauses

Who Should Attend:

  • This course is designed for contract administration professionals, proposal and business capture managers, corporate sourcing and procurement personnel, counsel to government contractors, compliance officers, and anyone who ever has to make an explicit or implied certification of BAA and TAA compliance, including SAM certifications.

What’s Included:

  • Course materials
  • Breakfast and Snacks


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