Enacted on July 4, 1966, the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552) established a statutory right of public access to records in the possession of the Executive Branch of the federal government.  Each year, federal agencies receive thousands of FOIA requests, many involving contracts.  Have you ever wondered how the federal government processes FOIA requests for contract records?  This webinar will examine the entire FOIA process from the initial filing of the FOIA request to the agency’s final disclosure determination.

What you will learn about:

  • FOIA procedural requirements
  • Agency’s search for records
  • Executive Order 12,600
  • Reverse FOIA
  • National Parks test
  • Critical Mass test
  • Administrative Appeal process
  • FOIA Litigation
  • Mediation by the Office of Government Information Services
Some Things to Know About Our Virtual Classes

Important: Technology Requirements

You must have the following:

  • Mic and speakers OR a headset.  For the best audio experience, a headset is preferable.
  • Close down all major applications during virtual training

In addition, for the most successful experience we strongly recommend:


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