Many small to medium-sized US companies do not have an internal, dedicated “export compliance” group or department monitoring exports to ensure that their products or technology can be exported from the US to a foreign country without an export license. In addition to export issues, companies must comply with complicated transactional regulations regarding sanctioned, prohibited, denied, and unverified entities and individuals. These export rules and contractual transactions are modified or amplified by US Government agencies almost daily. This presentation will provide up-to-date, detailed, and practical information to help your company avoid non-compliance (and possibly penalties) when exporting products from the US to a foreign country or entering into a transaction with an entity or individual in a foreign country. US export, re-export, deemed export, and transactional prohibitions will be discussed. Also covered is an explanation, and drafting, of a Voluntary Self-Disclosure (VSD) to be submitted to a US Government agency to mitigate damages upon discovery of an export violation.

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