Unilateral GSA Schedule Modifications – Have You Seen a Change in Your CS/CO Assignment?

by Victoria Tollossa

  • GSA Alerts

With the GSA seeking to streamline Phase 3 processes, many schedule holders have received unilateral modifications with a new CS/CO assigned to their contract(s). The GSA is seeking to consolidate schedules to one Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO), when possible. This will enable contractors to have one PCO to work with during consolidation activities. This is to lessen administrative burdens and prevent the need to coordinate across multiple PCOs, as GSA and industry affects contract actions for consolidation. Some schedule holders with only one contract may be reassigned a new CS/CO, as the GSA seeks to balance the workload across regions and contracting workforce.

Prior to moving any contracts, the PCO will be completing a series of checks of the contract file to prepare the file for transfer. If you receive any requests for information from your PCO, please seek to clarify the reasoning for the request. If the request is due to consolidation the GSA asks vendors to promptly respond. The GSA has stated that contracts will only be reassigned to a new PCO after transfer requirements are met and documented. If you are a multi-schedule holder and are seeking to start consolidating your contracts before they are transferred, the GSA asks that industry please communicate your intentions to all of your PCOs.

For assistance with your consolidation plan, and to answer any new CS/CO assignment questions, please contact Centre.