Single Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Modification Guidance Package Released and COVID-19 Update

by Victoria Tollossa

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Multiple Award Schedule Modification Guidance

On March 6, 2020, GSA released the final MAS Modification Guidance package. The new MAS Modification Guidance package can be found here. GSA previously had different modification guidelines for the 24 different legacy Schedules, but with the release of this modification package all contractors under the new MAS will follow the same guidelines for modifications.

There are still specific instructions for each type of modification, but regardless of the modification type all modification cover letters must address the following administrative information:

  1. Schedule Refreshes/MASS Modifications – Contractors will need to provide a statement that all MASS Modifications have been accepted in the MASS Modification System.
  2. Subcontracting Plans and Reporting – Contractors will need to confirm a valid Small Business Subcontracting Plan is incorporated into the contract and that all eSRS reports have been completed on time. This is not applicable for contractors who are small businesses.
  3. FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) – Contractors will need to confirm all GSA sales have been reported in the FAS SRP, as well as the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) payments have been completed in a timely manner.

The MAS modification guidance package also brought some major changes to the price proposal templates and how they are to be submitted. The modification package includes two price proposal templates, one for products and one for services. Each price proposal template will require the below two tabs to be completed.

Tab A – This tab will include ALL offerings currently awarded on the Schedule as well as any of the adjustments that will be made as a result of the modification. The purpose of this is to make it easier for contractors to have a database of all offerings for when an Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) assessment happens. This will also allow GSA and contractors to more easily review what is on Schedule.

Tab B – This tab will include ONLY items that are impacted by the modification. For example, if you are adding products only the products being added should be included in this tab, and if you are submitting a service/product descriptive change, only the effected items and their updated descriptions should be included.

Other major takeaways from the MAS Modification Guidance:

  • A revised GSA Advantage catalog in accordance with I-FSS-600 reflecting the modification changes highlighted in yellow is now required for almost all modification requests, other than administrative and certain technical modifications.
  • The cover letters for modifications are now required to be much more in depth. There is now specific information that must be included in your cover letter for each modification. Contractors will need to be sure to fully read the modification checklist applicable to the specific modification they are preparing to ensure all necessary information has been included.
  • Documentation requirements for many of the modifications have also changed. Be sure to carefully read all notes in the modification checklists to ensure all documents required for the modification are included.

COVID-19 Update:

Due to the concerns of COVID-19, GSA Advantage has seen an influx of orders and sent a warning on March 16 advising customers to contact the vendor(s) of products they are purchasing to ensure they have the stock/availability to fill the order. Because of the lowered availability, the General Services Administration (GSA) has received reports of companies claiming to be GSA vendors attempting to exploit concerns customers have regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the availability of supplies. If you receive a notice that a company is a GSA vendor selling a specific product you are looking for, please verify and confirm the prices they provide you are in GSA Advantage or validate their information in GSA eLibrary. If you have concerns you can ask the company to provide their contractor information page in GSA eLibrary to view their full list of offerings to verify their information. Even if the information seems to be credible, take a moment to verify.

If contractors have any additional questions in submitting a modification using the new MAS Modification Guidance, please feel free to reach out to anyone on our Consulting team and we would be happy to assist you.