GSA Issues Temporary Waiver of Certain MAS Solicitation Requirements

by Victoria Tollossa

  • GSA Alerts

The GSA has issued a temporary waiver of certain MAS solicitation requirements to support the government’s response to COVID-19. GSA has released an Acquisition Letter (AL), MV-21-03 and Supplement 1 to further leverage industry resources and capabilities. This is especially relevant to vendors who already have a schedule, and are seeking to add SINs to expand their offerings.

Existing MAS contractors seeking to add service SINs in direct support of COVID 19 efforts will NOT have to provide a Relevant Project Experience for each SIN proposed.

For vendors seeking a new schedule, this action provides a temporary waiver for three (3) MAS solicitation requirements in MAS provision SCP-FSS-001, Instructions Applicable to All Offerors, when a company is proposing commercial products, services and/or solutions to directly support the Government’s COVID-19 efforts. This temporary waiver does not apply to non-COVID-19 related offerings.

The Letter waives the following MAS solicitation SCP-FSS-001 provision requirements:

  • The requirement to possess two (2) years of Corporate Experience
  • The requirement to submit a Relevant Project Experience for each SIN proposed
  • The requirement to submit Annual Financial Statements for the previous two years

The Acquisition Letter (AL) does not change the following:

  • Any other vendor instructions, for example companies are still required to submit a Corporate Experience narrative, Letters of Commitment/Supply (products), Past Performance Information, Quality Control Plans etc.
  • Additional category / SIN specific technical requirements outlined in the MAS Solicitation category attachments
  • A CO’s overarching responsibilities, such as determining fair and reasonable pricing, ensuring compliance with vendor instructions and making a responsibility determination in accordance with FAR subpart 9.1

This waiver does NOT apply to:

  • Any offers or modifications that include products, services and/or solutions that do not directly support COVID-19 efforts
  • To VA MAS for medical equipment, supply, pharmaceutical and services

To explore how this waiver could be leveraged for your schedule, please contact the Centre Consulting Team.