GSA Multiple Award Schedule Mass Modification Will Impact Pending and Current Schedule Holders – January 2020

by Victoria Tollossa

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On October 1, 2019 The General Services Administration (GSA) released the new Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 47QSMD20R0001. GSA has tentatively scheduled the first mass modification refresh for the MAS Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001 for January 2020.

The MAS will be updated to incorporate the below changes in Refresh #1:

  • Implement the 2nd Interim Rule 2018-017 Prohibition on Contracting for Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment
  • The FAR 51 Deviation Authority will be removed
  • The current contract clauses/provisions will be updated
  • The legacy Schedule SINs will be remapped to the new MAS SINs

How Does the Mass Mod Affect Me?

Current Schedule Holders

    1. All terms and conditions of current Schedules will be updated to the new MAS.
    2. All currently awarded SINs will be migrated to their new SIN numbers. Contactors should review the “Available Offerings Attachment” here and familiarize themselves with the new SIN structure and how it affects their current SINs.
    3. Contract numbers will not be changing with the acceptance of this mass modification.
    4. If you have an option renewal modification that is completed, signed, and are ONLY waiting for the date of the extension, to ensure there is no disruption to your option renewal, the mass modification should be signed after the date of the new option. If you have not yet completed your option modification, the mass modification can be accepted before the extension date.
    5. The option to add/delete SIN modification will temporarily be removed from the eMod System when the mass modification is released. This is being done to ensure all modifications can be completed and accepted before the mass modification is accepted. The add/delete SIN option will be back in the eMod system in March 2020.
    6. If you have hold multiple Schedule contracts, you must sign the mass modification FOR EACH contract.

Vendors with Currently Pending Offers

If you currently have an offer under the new MAS solicitation pending with GSA it is recommended that you reach out to your assigned contracting specialist/contracting officer to accept the MAS Refresh #1 prior to the award of your contract.

Vendors Preparing to Submit a New Offer in GSA eOffer

The new MAS will remain open with no closing date in the same way the 24 Legacy Schedules did. The consolidation of the Schedules should not impact the length of time it takes a contractor to obtain a GSA Schedule. Vendors should review the new requirements under “SCP-FSS-001 Applicable to All Offerors” before submitting a new Offer to ensure they are following all guidelines of the Solicitation. The Solicitation for the new MAS can be found here.

If you have any questions on the MAS Consolidated Mass Mod, please contact our GSA Consulting team.