GSA Mass Modification 15

by Brandon Graves, Partner

  • GSA, GSA Alerts, GSA Schedules

Earlier this week, GSA issued its 15th refresh of the current MAS Solicitation.  The two most broadly applicable changes in this refresh are new formats for the Offer and Modification Price Proposal Templates and the implementation of the new Small Business Size Standards.

Organizations preparing new offers or modifications should immediately download and use the new templates.  Continued use of the old templates will result in additional work and potential rejection of the offer or modification.

Organizations on the cusp of small business status should review the new size standards.  In some cases, organizations will need to re-certify status in SAM.GOV.  Direct emails from GSA have already gone out to some such organizations.  The standard warnings about SAM.GOV apply.

In addition, GSA changed some minor parts of the instructions applicable to all offerors and formally implemented changes first announced in Federal Acquisition Circular 2022-08 and GSAR Change 158.  These changes impact primarily historically disadvantaged businesses and their eligibility.  There are also a series of error changes and clarifications.

Finally, a number of individual SINs were updated.  Some of these changes create new opportunities for GSA Schedule holders.  For example, 541611LIT-Litigation Support Services, was expanded to include stand-alone products, offering contractors the ability to sell additional products to the government.  It is important for new offerors and those seeking to add SINS through modifications to review the relevant SINs to see if the changes impact them.

All GSA Schedule holders should log into the Vendor Support Center and briefly review the modification.  Failure to accept the mod can ultimately result in delisting or other adverse action.  Schedule holders with questions can contact us on the form below for additional assistance.