GSA Allows Contractors to select SIN subgroups

by Victoria Tollossa

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Effective August 1, 2020, the General Services Administration (GSA) has provided contractors the ability to update their offering classifications by adding subgroups for products and services under specific Special Item Numbers (SINs).

Under the GSA MAS, SINs play a critical role in the organization of vendors and their offerings. SINs serve to clarify the product and services offered by specific vendors. Subgroups allow contractors to better classify where their offerings fit within those broadly defined SINs.

The GSA is inviting contractors to self-identify applicable SIN subgroups to be efficient and accurate in the determination of subgroup offerings. This is especially significant in anticipation of GSA MAS Phase 3, as the GSA will identify a Vendor’s primary SIN, and additional SINs will fall under the primary SIN award.

By allowing industry to select the subgroups for their offerings, as opposed to assignment by the government, vendors may properly designate their offerings. This will minimize inaccurate subgroup designations, and thereby minimize the administrative burden for modifications and corrections to schedules. Government buyers will then use these subgroups to efficiently locate offerings in GSA eBuy and eLibrary – to align with government procurement activities.

This ability to self-identify SINs was complimented with a GSA update. The following SINs had subgroups added, effective August 1, 2020:

561210FA, 541690E, 332311P, 532490P, 333241, 336999, 333318F, 335999, 325612, 325998, 325611, 54151HACS, 517312, 54151S, 54151ECOM, 511210, 33411, 339940OS4, 541611, 562112, 541211, 522310, 541330ENG, 562910REM, 541930, 541614, 541620, 561621H, 339113LAB, 334515, 334516, 333997, 332439

Some SINs (SIN 132-45 SIN and 54151HACS), previously had subgroups that contractors may have identified under. Contractors will be required to reestablish themselves under these subgroups in the new MAS SIN structure, as previous subgroup identifications will not automatically convey after August 1, 2020. Contractors should log into eBuy and follow the “modify subcontract” steps to select their SIN subgroups for both GSA eBuy and eLibrary.

By identifying specific and applicable subgroups in their schedule, Contractors will assist their government customers and Contracting Officers to perform efficient and accurate market research. Industry will especially see this benefit, when the government contracting community has improved ability to accurately select businesses to send RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs for the best fit the products/services they require. Subgroups WILL NOT exclude vendors from seeing all opportunities posted on GSA eBuy; this is an enhancement to using the data within the existing system to benefit both government and industry.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of SIN subgroups, or any other GSA Schedule related questions, please contact Centre’s GSA Consulting Team.