Current GSA Contractors Alert – Consolidation Mass Modification Rollout Begins

by Victoria Tollossa

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The General Services Administration (GSA) has begun issuing the mass modifications for Phase II of the Multiple Award Schedule consolidation. Current GSA contract holders will be receiving a mass modification for each contract updating the Special Item Numbers (SINs) and terms and conditions in accordance with the new consolidated Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). Your contract number, period of performance, and items on your contract will NOT change as a result of this mass modification.

Contractors will have until July 31, 2020 to accept the mass modification. If you are in the process of exercising an option for your current contract, GSA recommends you consult with your Contracting Officer (CO) before accepting the mass modification. If you do not respond to the mass modification by July 31, 2020, GSA will remove your offerings from GSA eLibrary and GSA Advantage.

Below is the release schedule for the Phase II mass modifications. Contractors with pending “Add SIN” or “Delete SIN” modifications in eMod will not receive the mass modification until the pending “Add SIN” or “Delete SIN” modification is accepted, rejected, or withdrawn.


Phase II Mass Modification Release Date

Legacy Schedules Impacted

1/31/2020 03FAC, 23V, 36, 48, 51V, 58I, 599
2/3/2020 00CORP
2/4/2020 00CORP
2/5/2020 IT70
2/6/2020 IT70
2/7/2020 71, 71 IIK, 72, 73, 56, 66, 67
2/10/2020 736, 738X, 75, 751
2/11/2020 76, 78, 81 I B, 84


BEFORE Accepting the Mass Modification:

Understand the new SIN mappings and terms and conditions in the MAS solicitation

Compare the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes in your System for Award Management (SAM) registration against the new MAS solicitation to ensure you have the appropriate NAICS for the new SIN structure

Verify if there are any exceptions taken in your current contract and determine if you intend to keep those exceptions. If so, you will need to resubmit any exceptions in this mass modification.

Ensure there are no pending add or delete SIN modifications in eMod

AFTER Accepting the Mass Modification:

Check to confirm your contract is showing in eLibrary under the new MAS contract under the correct SINs

The following legacy SINs have a mapping to more than one new SIN in the new MAS: 096 4N, 096 3N, 874 4, 096 2N, 871 1, 871 2, 871 3, 871 4, 871 211. Work with your CO to delete any new SINs that you do not need.

Within 30 days, initiate a “merge” of the SINs in the Schedules Input Program (SIP) and update the textfile in accordance with I-FSS-600 and the new SIN structure. NOTE: Contractors that offer products and have legacy SINs that map to more than one new SIN may not be able to use the “merge” feature in SIP and will need to submit new SIP files.

Update any marketing materials to reflect the new MAS

If you have any questions on the Phase II mass modification, please contact our GSA Consulting team or call us at 703-288-2800.