After Removal Of Legacy MAS Categories (SINs) Only POCs Can Login to GSA eBuy

by Victoria Tollossa

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With Removal Of Legacy MAS Categories (SINs) Only POCs Can Login to GSA eBuy

As of April 1, 2021, GSA will remove legacy categories/Special Item Numbers (SINs) from the eBuy Seller profile page for all vendors who are on schedule. This action is a continuation of the system improvements associated with the MAS Consolidation. Removing these old SINs will clean up outdated legacy solicitation information from the various GSA eTool systems.

With this update, it is possible that some vendors will lose access to GSA eBuy if they do not update the POC information for their schedule. Only individuals who are listed as a POC under a MAS category/SIN will have access to GSA eBuy starting April 1st. If you are not listed as a POC under a contract, you will not be able to log in to eBuy even if you have a valid FAS ID.

Next Steps: Update Your POC Information to Login to GSA eBuy

Prior to April 1, please login to GSA eBuy and update your profile. The update should include at least two POCs listed on each of the MAS category/SIN listing in your organization’s eBuy profile. If you do not complete this update, you will lose access to eBuy.

Use the eBuy Seller Job Aid for instructions if you’re unsure how to update POC information.

If you have any questions, please contact Centre for assistance.