Become a Certified Schedules Contracts Manager!

Centre’s award-winning CSCM designation is a certification training program for federal contractors in managing, negotiating, and complying with GSA & VA Schedule contracts.

Supercharge your career and show you’re a GSA & VA Schedules expert with a CSCM designation.

Participants learn to navigate the complex system of creating and maintaining Schedules and mastering all elements of Schedule audits. Upon completion of the program, attendees are experts in managing, negotiating, and complying with GSA & VA Schedule contracts.

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CSCM Program Benefits:

Participants learn to navigate the complex system of creating and maintaining Schedules and mastering all elements of Schedule audits.

  • Navigate the complex system of creating and maintaining GSA and VA Schedules
  • Understand the ordering process from A to Z
  • Master key elements of GSA Schedule Industrial Operations Analyst Assessment and GSA/VA OIG Audits
  • Use Schedules innovatively, including Blanket Purchase Agreements and Contractor Teaming Arrangements
  • Avoid common contract administration and compliance pitfalls

Program Requirements:

This certificate program requires the completion of 2 mandatory courses and 4 electives. The certificate is valid for two years, after which the individual must attend a one-day Annual Review to renew the certificate for an additional two years.

Program Delivery Formats:

There are two ways to complete this program. Both options offer the same high quality curriculum to help you succeed through every stage of your career.

  • Live Virtual Instruction– attend live virtual classes from the comfort of your home or office. 
  • On-Demand Virtual Instruction– take pre-recorded instructor led video courses on your own schedule.

Program FAQs

What are the benefits of the CSCM Program?

Benefits of the CSCM Program accrue to both participants and employers.

Employers benefit with employees skilled in the nuances of the Federal Supply Schedule Program, which facilitates stellar contract administration while simultaneously reducing a company’s risk for non-compliance. CSCM candidates receive training in the critical areas of Business Integrity, Code of Conduct, Trade Agreements Act compliance, the Price Reductions Clause, Basis of Award, Tracking Customers, award ratios, subcontract management, contract closeout, and the all-important application of labor laws to government acquisition. CSCM training can reduce the reliance of contractors on consultants and others in administering and renewing their Federal Supply Schedule Contacts.

CSCM participants benefit from the well-rounded training which provides them with the knowledge and confidence not only to hands-on administer Federal Supply Schedule contracts, but to support their employers in other Federal procurement transactions, such as open market procurements. Additionally, the CSCM certification recognizes the knowledge, skills, and abilities of those successfully completing the program, as they become a member of a professional community which continue to benefit from relationships and networking established during the program with fellow participants and Centre’s instructors.

What is the work experience required to become certified?

There are no experience requirements for CSCM certification. Many participants came to the CSCM program as their respective work duties increased to include responsibility for or involvement in the administration of their company’s Federal Supply Schedule Contract, and involvement in in open market procurements. Although no work experience is required, successful CSCMs have good organizational skills and demonstrate the ability to understand complex issues covered by Federal statute and regulation, and to assume more progressively responsible positions and assignments.

How can I justify the CSCM Program to my employer?

When budgets are tight, training is often among the first items to be cut. Employers must carefully way training for the return on the investment. The costs of the CSCM Program pale in comparison to the cost of non-compliance under a Federal Supply Schedule Contract. Non-compliance can result in a poor Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) assessment, contract termination, and perhaps even lead to suspension and debarment depending on how egregious the non-compliance. Failure to comply with the Trade Agreements Act could potentially result in enforcement, to include civil and criminal penalties under the False Claims Act. A company’s Federal Supply Schedule Contract is a significant company asset and should be protected as all company assets are. An investment in the CSCM Program is an investment in the company’s Federal Supply Schedule Contract’s administration. Although the cost of non-compliance may never be known or realized, it must be avoided at all cost.

How will my employer benefit from the CSCM Program?

Employers benefit with employees skilled in the nuances of the Federal Supply Schedule Program, which facilitates stellar contract administration while simultaneously reducing a company’s risk for non-compliance. CSCM candidates receive training in the critical areas of Business Integrity, Code of Conduct, Trade Agreements Act compliance, the Price Reductions Clause, Basis of Award, Tracking Customers, award ratios, subcontract management, contract closeout, and the all-important application of labor laws to government acquisition. CSCM training can reduce the reliance of contractors on consultants and others in administering and renewing their Federal Supply Schedule Contacts.

I have more than 10+ years’ experience in Government Contracting, do I need to take Federal Contracting Basics or Federal Procurement Boot Camp?

This is a frequently asked question. And while there are no prerequisites to training, we strongly encourage everyone to take Federal Contracting Basics or Federal Procurement Boot Camp. We all like to think as we advance in our careers, we have learned everything needed from the basics. But even seasoned acquisition professionals tell us this training is beneficial to them—especially given the dynamic and ever-changing nature of legislation and implementing regulations. Currency is critical in the acquisition profession. Participants who bypass the basics can find themselves in situations where they are not on par with their fellow participants which detracts from the training experience. The basics provide a great foundation on which to build a great acquisition professional.

Can achieving the CSCM Program help me during my performance review?

Performance reviews vary from employer to employer, from reviewing official to reviewing official. Some rating officials are tough, yet others are generous. The point is performance ratings depend undoubtedly on several factors, including the professional relationship between you and the reviewer and rater. And while the CSCM Program does not guarantee superior performance ratings, we kind of like the odds of CSCMs when it comes to performance reviews and ratings.

CSCMs develop a confidence in performing contract administration and related duties, resulting in the ability to take affirmative and proactive steps in resolving contract administration and related issues. We encourage all CSCMs to keep notes throughout their rating period of these types of items and provide their rating officials with a self-assessment of their performance and accomplishments. Not even the best rating official can remember all the great things each employee does throughout the rating period, and a memory jogger never hurts. It is also good to tie those accomplishments back to knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired from the CSCM training. Employers like to see a return on their investment and linking success to previous training experience can make an employer more likely to continue to make training investments.

What is the best way to select my classes?

The CSCM Program has a rigorous curriculum of required class, along with electives. Centre’s training manager and instructors are happy to discuss individual interests and assist in selecting a track which provides maximum training efficacy for CSCM participants.

Which courses are most beneficial and why?
This will depend largely on the participant’s needs, objectives, and goals. There is a sufficient variety of classes to meet a wide spectrum of training needs and interests.

What is Annual Review: Hot Issues in Federal Contracting?
Centre’s flagship event, Annual Review: Hot Issues in Federal Contracting, provides everything you need to know to stay current in the ever-changing field of government contracts. This one-day event serves as a refresher on the developments in contracting over the past year and as an opportunity to network with your peers. The fast-paced agenda hosts a series of distinguished speakers and panelists, both from government and industry, covering vital topics to help prepare you for business growth in the upcoming year and beyond. Targeted, interest-specific breakout sessions will fill the afternoon with topics covering GSA and VA Schedule updates, Trends in Bid Protests, Legal Compliance Issues, FAR Updates, small business program updates, and more. This event has grown significantly over the years but is uniquely personal.

Why do I have to attend Annual Review every two years to recertify?
Currency in any profession is important but is especially critical in the acquisition profession. Even the Federal government has continuing education requirements for its acquisition professionals, and the CSCM Program recognizes this need as well. Centre’s Annual Review provides a comprehensive training forum meeting the needs of re-certification. In fact, many CSCMs attend this event each year—notwithstanding the biennial re-certification requirement.

How does Centre handle follow-up questions from a class?
Centre’s CSCM Program instructors frequently answer follow-up questions, many which often come long after training is completed. Our instructors are personally and professional committed to the success and professional development of the CSCM Program and its participants. Many CSCM participants establish professional relationships with our instructors which last beyond training.

Is there an exam?

There is no exam specifically required for certification. However, most of the coursework contains written exercises, problem solving, knowledge checks, and the occasional quiz to test and reinforce participants knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Do you accept waivers for DAWIA or FAC-C certifications?

Waivers are handled on a case-by-case basis and subject to the review and approval of Centre’s Training Manager.

Are there any additional benefits (provided) by GSA for having someone who is CSCM Certified?

GSA does not provide contract administration benefits to its contractors based on the qualifications or certifications of the contractor’s contract administrators. The benefit to contractors from CSCM certification is having trained contract administrator(s) nuanced in the administration of Federal Supply Schedule contracts. The CSCM program was established to train individuals in the Federal Supply Schedule Program so they may become subject matter experts in this area in order to protect their company’s interests in administering the Federal Supply Schedule and establishing a certification which recognizes the individuals’ training and professional accomplishments.

CSCM certification for contract administrators is especially helpful to a company, especially those new to the world of Federal Supply Schedule contracting. There are many moving parts to Federal Supply Schedule Contracts which if not administered properly can be costly to a company, such as disturbing the basis of award and triggering the Price Reduction Clause. In addition, there are myriad reporting and compliance requirements which if not properly administered could jeopardize continued performance of your contract and potentially result in the contract being terminated.

The CSCM Program provides a pathway to developing expertise in administering Federal Supply Schedule contracts which can allows contract administrators to go toe-to-toe with government contracting officers, ensure stellar contract administration simultaneously reducing your company’s risks and increasing its compliance.

Do you have any data to support increased sales?

Centre Law and Consulting does not formally track whether Federal Supply Schedule Contractors experience increased sales because of CSCM Certification, it would be difficult to make such a claim without companies reporting pre-CSCM and post-CSCM Certification sales. However, CSCM candidates are trained in how to maximize sales through the Federal Supply Schedule Program. The knowledge gained from the CSCM Program certainly lays the ground work for potentially increased sales given the increased knowledge, but as with many things, this will ultimately depend in large part on the quality of the employee, their initiative and motivation, as well as the environment and culture the employer provides. Anecdotally CSCMs regularly share success stories with us establishing a nexus between their successes and the CSCM Program.

Using increased Federal Supply Schedule Sales as the sole metric in determining whether to participate in the CSCM Program should not be the only determinant. While increased sales, whether through the Federal Supply Schedule Program, or even on the open market is the obvious goal of contractors engaged in the Federal Marketplace, what is the opportunity cost for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of your Federal Supply Schedule Contract? The Federal Supply Schedule and buying activity contracting officers are trained acquisition professionals, shouldn’t the personnel which administer contracts contributing to your company’s bottom line be trained as an acquisition professional?

On a professional development level, the CSCM Certification is becoming increasingly recognized in the Federal Supply Schedule Contract Administration area. CSCM is a way for individuals working in this field to distinguish themselves to current employers, and even potential employers. One of the reasons many pursue CSCM Certification is not only for their employers but to do something for their professional growth as well.

Everyone who touches a company’s Federal Supply Schedule Contract from a contract administration standpoint should receive formal training. One of the biggest challenges to contractors we see is turnover in staff at companies of all sizes, where only one individual had the institutional knowledge and requisite training to administer the Federal Supply Schedule contracts but ends up leaving the company. In some cases, it is difficult for contractors to fully recover from the loss of key personnel in the short term.

Additionally, employees take annual and sick leave, maternity leave, have reserve military duty, can be called back to active duty, and many other reasons for being out of the office. Those left behind can struggle with contract administration, and it sure is no fun for employees to return from an absence to have work piled up, or worse, work having been done incorrectly during their absence.

Award Winning Training

Centre’s CSCM certification program has been awarded as the “Best Contract Management Training Course” by the HR and Training Awards from Corporate Vision magazine.


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  • My experience with Centre Law has been nothing short of informative and professional.  First, let me speak to the staff.  From the moment you call or enter the center, you are greeted by the most professional and friendly receptionist, always a smile on her face, which is very rare these days. Then there is Lali! Lali made the process so simple.  She was there to answer every question possible, and I feel as if I had many – from didn’t I take this class, isn’t this class offered virtually, to do you have a discount. No matter the question or how many times I may have asked the same question, she answered them all patiently, efficiently and professionally. Thank you, Lali and because of your organization, reminders, and guidance I completed the CSCM program in 9 months! The courses offered are exactly what you to need in the federal contracting industry. Truly, complete a class and you can use the information the next day.  Think you know everything about the business, you will always learn something new from one of the many instructors. Where all of the instructors are great, my favorite was Wayne.  He knows his stuff, he’s interesting and very personable. I would highly recommend the CSCM program hands down to anyone looking to get a better handle on the ins and outs of federal contracting. 
    —Thomasina Ross
  • I have been administering and managing GSA Schedule contracts for over 15 years.  The CSCM is by far the best GSA Schedule training I have ever taken!  Whether you are a Junior Contracts Administrator or a Senior Contracts Manager, the CSCM Program will definitely increase your knowledge about GSA Schedule contracts and Federal Government IDIQ contracts. I recommended Centre Law and Consulting to numerous colleagues from my organization and I received positive feedback from everyone who attended training at Centre.  If you want top-notch GSA Schedule training, take the CSCM Training at Centre!
    —Miles Maye
  • I decided to sign up for the CSCM program to enhance my knowledge of my everyday work. After taking several of the classes, I was able to branch out a little more and adjust my role and take on more responsibilities. I am now the main point of contact and admin for our GSA schedules. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instructors, quality of course content, support staff and the willingness of everyone to go above and beyond in answering questions, during and after classes. Centre Law & Consulting, doesn’t treat you like just another student; you are treated like family. I highly recommend to anyone consider the program to go for it. You will not be disappointed. Obtaining my CSCM not only gave me a greater knowledge of my work, but a bigger paycheck. With more experience and knowledge came a pay raise for me. So, the way I see it… It’s a win, win for both my employer and I.
    —Lynn Andes, CSCM
    Business Services
    Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc.
  • I decided to sign up for the CSCM program just to enhance my knowledge about what I was doing at the time, which was handling our three GSA schedules. After taking a few classes, I was able to branch out a little more and even adjust my role at work to include contract work and legal Agreements. I highly recommend these courses simply because for me, and probably for others, the wide scope of topics within the CSCM program is enough to not only support what you’re doing now, but maybe what you could be doing in the future as well.
    —Jim Fitzgerald
    Contracts Administration
    TESSCO Technologies
  • I highly recommend the CSCM program. It is truly a high quality program with knowledgeable and professional instructors. The classes have improved my GSA/VA contract knowledge which is relevant to the work I do and has prepared me to become a leader in my organization. Centre Law & Consulting provides the opportunity to make connections for networking and continuous learning. Although I have completed the program, I will continue to take classes to further enhance my knowledge. The Annual Review is always very informative and a great experience! Keep up the great work!!
    —Savontaye Dunn
    Program Manager
    Sysmex America Inc.
  • As a Prime Contractor, with similar product offerings as other primes, CounterTrade Products, Inc. knew from inception that our people and customer service standards would set us apart from the competition. While acting as CounterTrade’s Contracts Manager and Contracts PM I quickly discovered a need to expand my knowledge in federal contracting in order to better serve our program offices and customers. The CSCM program offered by Centre Law & Consulting has given me the tools to accomplish my goals. Each course and instructor has exceeded expectation. I have been able to provide knowledge transfer to our staff and provide federal contracting staff above expected support. I recommend the pursuit of the CSCM with Centre Law & Consulting to anyone who desires a strong foundation in federal government concepts.
    —Angela Dumm, CSCM
    Contract Manager
    CounterTrade Products, Inc.
  • With the CSCM program, I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instructors, quality of course content, the energetic discussions, and the instructors’ willingness to answer questions during and after class. There were subjects in which I had little previous knowledge, and the courses have been great in enhancing my knowledge and the value of my counsel to our small business clients, as well as providing an analytical framework for future work. When you attend a Federal Contracting Institute program with Centre, you’re going to get a graduate-level education on the subject matter, not superficial knowledge you would get in a training course. CSCM has been an extremely positive educational experience as well as a great networking opportunity to meaningfully interact with other professionals in the contracting field.
    —Jeff Cuskey, CPCM, CFCM, CSCM, CPP
    Senior Procurement Specialist/Counselor
    Monterey Bay Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)
  • [The CSCM program] increased my contract management knowledge and GSA schedules knowledge, I enjoyed the entire program. I would recommend the program for all levels and professional skill sets within contract management.
    —Chris Secor, CPCM, CFCM
    Director of Contracts & Pricing
    Envisioneering, Inc.
  • The program has provided me with in depth knowledge of GSA Schedules. The topics covered were relevant to many of the challenges I face as a contracts professional and also relevant to the issues that my company faces as an IT reseller. Jim Phillips taught many of the courses I took for the CSCM program and he was excellent at steering the conversation towards specific challenges that the participants were experiencing. Many problems are solved in these classes! The program also offered me the opportunity to brainstorm and share experiences with others in my field, which provided me with valuable insights into other company’s contract management practices.
    —Jennifer Libby
    GSA Contracts Manager
    Emergent, LLC
  • Due to the Government Contracting cuts, my department has been cut from 5 to 1 over the past 4 years and this training and advanced knowledge has helped me become more efficient in my daily job requirements. I spend a lot less time researching issues now. I have a better understanding of what reference material I need, what FAR Part to go to first, what Government Website covers what issues, and a lot of time I just pull out a course study to grab the guidance and give myself a refresher. The Annual Review is by far my favorite. The variety of subjects covered along with the diverse class room of industry that attends makes it feel like I have received a weeks worth of knowledge in one day. I look forward to taking many more classes and continuing to renew my certification!
    —Lanette K. Vela, CP, CSCM
    Director of Contracting
    McLane Advanced Technologies, LLC
  • [The CSCM program] distinguishes me as a recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program. The program was thorough and covered all aspects of the FSS program, the instructors had a deep understanding of subject matter, and the information presented was up to date. If all GSA consultants were to receive CSCM certification, the quality of the service provided by our industry would significantly improve!
    —Michelle L. Hermelee, CSCM
    BH Sky Associates
  • I have a Masters in Federal Contracting through ESI-GW University, and I’ve been involved in Federal Contracting for 20 years, so I use FED CTR to keep up on changes; now attend annual update classes. I like the CSCM program because it’s typically small classes and allows for good dialog between participants. I often learn about different contracting vehicles and how they are managed though other participants. I was pleased to see that Fed Ctr now has more focus on training on the schedules program, specifically the VA schedules for Medical products and services.
    —Cathleen Fuhrman
    Corporate Account Executive
    Federal Government Business
    Sysmex America, Inc.
  • It has been very beneficial during my employment. The courses and instructors were excellent! Great program! Keep up the good work!
    —Janet George
  • The caliber of the instructors in this program is probably its greatest asset. In addition, I appreciated that the program was not based on lectures alone. There was always significant interaction between the instructors and the students which allowed for meaningful learning and dialogue. Some of the courses I have taken at other institutions were geared toward teaching for a certification exam. Centre’s goal is to make you a better informed and more prepared contracts professional, which adds a great amount of value to the CSCM certification.
    —Jennifer Libby
    GSA Contracts Manager
    Emergent, LLC
  • My experience with Centre and the CSCM certification training program has been excellent in all aspects – most assuredly the content of the training, the professionalism and knowledge of the instructors, class scheduling and support staff, and the willingness of everyone to go above and beyond in answering and responding to questions before, during, and after training. It has enhanced and broadened my knowledge of the GSA Schedules program, resulting in much more confidence in myself, and more efficiency in my job.
    —Barbara J. Paszternak
    GSA Schedule Manager