January 25th: Bid Protests: What to Expect in a Protest


Learn best practices, techniques, and tools for managing every aspect of a proposal from our expert instructor. Improve your win rates with proven methods to match your proposal process to the pursuit at hand.

Course Topics Include:

  • Managing proposal time and resources
  • Conducting effective proposal kickoffs
  • Rightsizing proposal processes
  • Techniques for subject mastery and guiding subject matter experts
  • Facilitating solution and section development
  • Tracking progress and quality
  • Managing remote participation
  • Getting the most from reviews and reviewers


FREE Webinar January 25, 2022 | 1-2 PM

This short webinar will explain why bid protests occur, what to expect from a bid protest, and how you can ultimately take steps to prevent them. Learn from an experienced government contract attorney why bid protests have become a regular feature of government contracting.

Course Topics Include:

  • Where to protest
  • What can and cannot be protested
  • What to expect in a protest – the process

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Virtually Led, On-Demand