Bid Protests & Federal Procurement Litigation

Our government contract attorneys possess extraordinary experience in prosecuting and defending bid protests and legal disputes before the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and other federal contract tribunals. In these matters, we have had repeated success in persuading the government to take corrective action that directly benefits our client, either by securing an award or by maintaining a contract that would have been lost but for our protest. In every instance, our clients have defended their rights to compete fairly for procurements.

As an integrated legal, consulting, and training solutions provider, Centre Law & Consulting not only ensures its clients that they will be well represented in court, but also that they will successfully grow their business and reinforce relationships with current and potential government clients.

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GAO Annual Bid Protest Report 2021

During FY2020, 2,149 cases were filed, a 2% decrease from the 2,198 filed in FY2019. However, the number of sustained protests was slightly higher at 84, compared to 77 the year prior, for a sustain rate of 15% in FY2020

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GAO Corrective Action, is it the end?

Recent decision from the GAO serves as an important reminder to contractors that, while agencies typically have broad discretion in determining the scope of any corrective actions they take, contractors may nonetheless challenge an agency’s corrective action if its scope is unreasonably narrow.

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