Oct 18, 2018

By JW Butler,

An email with the subject line “GSA Advantage Catalog/Pricelist Removal Notice” followed by your contract number may cause many to panic, but not to worry, the solution is a simple one. The General Services Administration (GSA) requires that all GSA Schedule contract catalogs/pricelists be updated to ensure the accuracy of prices and catalog terms and conditions.  If a catalog/pricelist has not been updated within two years, you will receive an email with the above subject line. Contractors have ninety (90) days to verify the information in their catalog/pricelist or it will be removed from GSA Advantage, and your contract will be suspended in eBuy. To avoid the removal of your catalog/pricelist, you must do one of the following:

  • If you have made changes to your schedule’s catalog/pricelist through formal modifications since your last SIP upload, you will need to submit an updated catalog/pricelist and perform an upload using the Schedules Input Program (SIP) to create a replacement file, which is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • If your catalog/pricelist is not current and there are changes that need to be made to your schedule, you will first need to complete a formal modification through the eMod system. Once the modification has been approved by your Contracting Officer, you can update your catalog/pricelist and complete the SIP upload.
  • If you have not made changes to your catalog/pricelist, and your catalog/pricelist is up to date, you can complete the Verification Process in SIP to ensure your catalog/pricelist is not removed from GSA Advantage and your contract is not suspended in eBuy.

When you are verifying a catalog/pricelist in SIP you are confirming there have been no changes to the current catalog on GSA Advantage. However, you should still check everything in your SIP program to ensure it matches the currently approved terms and conditions of the contract. Recently GSA required all vendors to reset their eBuy passwords.  This password is also used in SIP so be sure you have your current eBuy password in SIP in the “Contractor Information” window before completing the verification.

If you are performing a SIP verification you cannot change any information in SIP other than your password. All changes approved by a formal modification will need to be submitted as a replacement file in SIP. To complete the verification in SIP, click on the “Tools” drop-down bar and select “Verify Catalog Information”.



If you have multiple schedules the SIP program will prompt you to select the schedule you wish to verify. After confirming verification, the SIP program will send a file to GSA to verify your catalog information. If your catalog/pricelist was removed from GSA Advantage/eLibrary because you failed to verify your catalog before the 90-day window closed, your catalog/pricelist should be back online within 24-48 hours of completing the verification process. Once the catalog/pricelist is displayed on GSA Advantage/eLibrary again, your access to eBuy will be restored.

If you have any questions regarding the SIP program, please feel free to contact anyone on our GSA consulting team for assistance.


About the Author:

JW Butler

JW Butler is GSA/VA Contract Consultant at Centre Law & Consulting. JW supports the consulting team in preparing various contract modifications, market analysis for products/services, and GSA Advantage catalog updates for Schedule contracts. JW also assists in the preparation of both new Schedule and successful legacy proposals, as well as uses the Schedule Input Program (SIP) to upload catalogs to GSA eLibrary and GSA Advantage.


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