GSA/VA Schedule Preparation, Submission, and Negotiation

GSA and VA schedule contracts are among the most popular contract vehicles in the federal market, with agencies purchasing more than $40 billion worth of goods and services off of the GSA and VA schedules each year. They are also unlike all other contracts from a proposal submission, negotiation, and administration standpoint. Consequently, they require unique expertise in order to be successfully acquired and administered.

The details of your GSA contract can ultimately determine your success selling to the federal government. Too many companies negotiate contracts that cause major compliance headaches and problems because they unwittingly tie their Schedule pricing to broad or undesirable “basis of award” or “tracking customer” categories. We like to say that almost anyone can eventually get a company on schedule, but the important question is whether the resulting contract is one that will be profitable and manageable for the next 20 years.  Many consultants who ignore this harsh reality are only concerned with getting a contract awarded. Centre Law and Consulting’s attorneys and consultants anticipate the problems and negotiate a contract that you can use profitably and succeed with.

If you are providing services, many schedules require that your company be in business for at least two years to be eligible for a GSA Schedule contract. If you are not already in the federal market, you should have a plan for entry. We can help you with that through competitive analysis, strategic positioning, and marketing messages.

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Case Study
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