GSA Schedule contracts have traditionally been subject to less government oversight than traditional government contracts, but this is changing. In the wake of recent Schedule contracting abuses, GSA has indicated that it will do more pre- and post-contract audits and compliance reviews.

GSA contractors must anticipate that they will be subject to one or more audits or compliance reviews under their GSA contracts. Our GSA consultants are advisers and attorneys with years of experience helping clients achieve audit success.

Whether you are facing an audit or looking to get your house in order ahead of one, contact us today to find out about our compliance consulting, procedure reviews, and mock audit services, and how your audit can be worry free.

Case Study

A management consulting firm received a negative report from an Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) assessment, which analyzes how a given company is maintaining their GSA Schedule. Centre Law & Consulting was able to reach a resolution to overturn the original assessment.

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