Contract Administration

The successful contractor understands that the best way to maintain profitability and ensure future business is to know the rules, regulations, policies, and buying preferences of federal agencies. With the government’s frequently changing policy initiatives, knowing the legal issues to help your company make appropriate strategic decisions is more important than ever.

Centre Law and Consulting professionals offer you up-to-the-minute knowledge about current policies, pending government changes to the FAR, emerging trends, and the policy mandates that you need to know to succeed. You are busy with daily operations, so rely on Centre professionals to bring the expertise you need to your doorstep.

Let us help you:
  • Understand performance-based contracts
  • Make the most of your task order contracts
  • Keep abreast of FAR changes
  • Meet subcontracting requirements
  • Negotiate modifications
  • Ensure legal compliance and profitable contract performance
  • Obtain the best resolution to conflicts and disputes
  • Protect your rights and your profits