Human Capital Solutions

Executive Development, Organizational Development, Team Performance, Visioning, Change Management, Conflict Management

For over a decade, Centre Law & Consulting has been dedicated to the development and delivery of employee training to federal and industry clients. Our training aims to improve employee and organizational performance through the development of knowledge, skills, and/or behaviors, ultimately to accomplish a specific job, task, or goal. Consequently, this training contributes to the development of core competencies that are required for success at the individual and organizational level.

Centre brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of education and training, allowing organizations to invest in and develop their employees to reach individual and organizational goals. Through this training, our customers have helped prepare employees to be more effective and efficient, as well as to assume additional roles and responsibilities. For example, Centre has developed and implemented advanced leadership training based on identified learning objectives and performance outcomes for multiple clients. Utilizing workshops, lectures, and role-play, Centre has provided interactive courses that lay the foundation for improving managers’ leadership, negotiation, communication, conflict management, coaching, and other necessary supervisory skills.

By leveraging Centre’s training, organizations can help guide employees through the workforce development process and help them identify competency strengths, gaps, and further developmental activities to build upon their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Such activities will also serve to motivate and engage employees, establishing performance expectations that are tied to organizational goals and mission. While there are a number of ways to invest in employees, providing training opportunities for employees to better themselves helps to create an environment that values diversity of knowledge and inspires employee commitment. To that end, Centre Law & Consulting offers organizations learning opportunities that have the potential to improve performance across various metrics, and have a positive impact on customer service and, ultimately, on customer engagement levels.