The True State of the Technology

This webinar covers blockchains, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, tokens, and related technologies as well as the business, economic, philosophical paradigm shifts that have been taking place since the “mining” of the first Bitcoin “block” on January 3, 2009.   This webinar not only explains blockchains and cryptocurrencies from a holistic point of view, but it does so with the aim to incite a critical thinking approach to learning and understanding the state of these technologies and their true potential for deploying applications in private industry and government.   The primary focus of the webinar is to enable participants to starting learning more than “just” the fundamentals such that they can decouple preconceived ideas and biases with the ultimate goal of making sound decisions surrounding blockchain projects, initiatives, and investments.

Module 1:  The Origin of Cryptocurrencies

  • The History of Cryptocurrencies
  • The Bitcoin Whitepaper in 2008
  • The Start of Bitcoin in 2009
  • The Early Alternatives to Bitcoin
  • Key Concepts of Peer-to-Peer, Immutability, Trust, and Disintermediation

Module 2:   Bitcoin Fundamentals

  • What is Bitcoin
  • What is Blockchain
  • What is a Distributed Ledger
  • What are Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs)
  • What is the Current State of Bitcoin

Module 3:   Skeptics & Believers of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

  • Who Are Some of the Better-known Bears or “Skeptics”,
  • Who Are Some of the Better-known Bulls or “Believers”
  • What Are They Saying, And Why Have They Taken Negative/Positive Views on This Asset Class and Related Technologies.

Module 4:   Crypto Currency Proliferation

  • Types of Cryptocurrencies
  • The Adoption Gap
  • How to Acquire Bitcoin or Other Crypto
  • Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Module 5:   Utility

  • The Blockchain Killer App
  • The 2ndWave of Killer Apps
  • The 3rdWave of Killer Apps
  • Use Cases in Business and Private Industry
  • Use Cases in Government
  • Methodologies for Deploying Blockchain


Gustavo-CalderonGustavo A. Calderon, President, Acquisition Workforce, Inc.

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