This course opens on 07/19/2023.
Looking to enhance your negotiation skills? Join our one-day Tactical Negotiation Skills training program designed to help you improve your negotiation abilities and become a more effective communicator. Through interactive discussions, role-playing scenarios, and simulation exercises, participants will learn the fundamental principles of negotiation, including how to prepare for negotiations, how to build and maintain relationships, and how to use tactics and strategies to achieve positive outcomes. The training program covers a wide range of negotiation topics, including different negotiation styles, tactics for dealing with difficult negotiators, and strategies for closing deals effectively. Participants will also learn how to analyze negotiation situations and develop negotiation plans that meet their goals and objectives. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired negotiation skills and receive feedback and coaching from our expert trainers. Join our Tactical Negotiation Skills program and take your negotiation abilities to the next level. Here are some of the key learning points covered in the Tactical Negotiation Skills training program:
  • Definition and types of negotiation
  • Different negotiation styles and approaches
  • Techniques for preparing for negotiations.
  • Strategies for effective communication and active listening
  • Building and maintaining relationships in negotiations
  • Addressing difficult situations and conflicts
  • Tactics and strategies for achieving positive outcomes.
  • Dealing with difficult negotiators
  • Understanding the use of power in negotiation
  • Techniques for closing the deal.
  • Effective use of concessions and compromises
  • Analyzing negotiation situations and developing negotiation plans
  • Practice negotiation scenarios with feedback and coaching

Estimated Time: 1 Day


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