With all the changes that come in federal procurement, keep your skills sharp to stay up-to-date on key issues in subcontracting.

Our two-day Subcontracting Under the FAR training course covers the complex relationships between the federal government, prime contractors, and subcontractors. Its content is a must for negotiating and managing subcontracts whether you are a buyer, seller, or government official.

After completing this course, you will understand the role of teaming agreements, contract clause flow-down, consent to subcontract, make or buy plans, privity, and mandatory disclosure. You will also know how to keep your subcontracts profitable and maintain compliance with federal requirements.

Topics covered in this course are supplemented with real-life examples that highlight potential issues contractors may encounter and solutions they may offer.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Negotiate subcontract flow-down clauses both as a prime and as a subcontractor
  • Navigate intellectual property issues
  • Manage subcontractor claims and disputes
  • Tailor terms and conditions for specific needs
  • Manage subcontractors
  • Maintain compliance with federal requirements

Who Should Attend:

  • Contract and Subcontract Administrators
  • In-House or Corporate Counsel
  • CEOs, COOs, and VPs of small contractors
  • Capture Team and Business Development Personnel
  • Operational Mid- and Senior-Level Personnel

What’s Included:

  • Course materials
  • Breakfast and Snacks


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Price: $795
Client Price: $725
Course Number: FC12