“Nobody goes it alone.”  It may be true in life, but it is certainly true in government contracting.  Prime contractor-subcontractor relationships are key to winning, and successfully performing, most government contracts.  And they two most important elements of that relationship are the teaming agreement and subcontract.  In this program, an experienced government contract attorney will drill down into the most important issues in teaming agreements and subcontracts, including:

  • Negotiating teaming agreements: standard and advanced provisions
  • How binding is your teaming agreement?  How binding do you want it to be?
  • Transitioning to the subcontract—a handoff, not a fumble
  • Key flow downs: mandatory, nice to have, and “feel free to delete”
  • Subcontract disputes, with the government and with each other
  • Special issues when subcontracting under small business and set-aside contracts
  • Compliance issues for prime and subcontractors


Some Things to Know About Our Virtual Classes

Important: Technology Requirements
You must have the following:

  • Mic and speakers OR a headset.  For the best audio experience, a headset is preferable.
  • Close down all major applications during virtual training

In addition, for the most successful experience we strongly recommend:


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