Did you know that subcontracts are not “Federal” contracts and are not subject to Government contract law? And that the Government can terminate your contract with no liability for damages? Did you know every FAR clause has a “prescription” explaining when and if it should be used? Or that you can use simplified acquisition procedures (SAP) for non-commercial items up to $7 million?

The answers to all these questions and more can be learned in our two-day “A Practical Guide to Government Contract Law” crash course that teaches attendees about the nuts and bolts of federal contracting and gives a breakdown of the complex laws surrounding this industry. Whether you’re a lawyer just starting out in the area of federal contracting or you’re a non-lawyer looking to get an understanding of the industry, this course is for you.

Our expert instructor will walk you through the rules, regulations, and laws governing federal acquisition and will delve behind the “what” with the “why” to strengthen participants’ understanding of the framework in which they function.

Case studies, workshops, and a detailed textbook bring the law to life for course attendees.

Don’t miss this course specifically designed for those interested in learning the basics of federal contract law!

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Apply laws, rules, and regulations to government contracting work
  • Place executive orders, OMB circulars, DoD directives, GAO decisions, and other materials in the correct context
  • Learn how the government buys, the types of contracts used, and competition requirements
  • Read and understand updates to the existing regulatory framework
  • Covers ethics, organizational conflicts of interest, and procurement integrity
  • Stay compliant in this complex environment

What’s Included:

  • Breakfast
  • Light refreshments
  • Course materials


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