The Federal Marketplace can be very difficult to navigate, especially for the uninitiated.  Even seasoned Federal prime and subcontractors often make mistakes and expend valuable resources unnecessarily in pursuit of Federal business.  This one-day course will provide participants with the much-needed info in order to market the Federal government in a cost-effective method while not getting lost, overwhelmed, or just plain frustrated enough to simply give up.

Participants will learn about the realities and challenges of the Federal Marketplace, how to better position themselves in the Federal Marketplace to effectively respond to opportunities, while learning the general rules of the road, and exceptions to those rules.

Our instructor will take you through the basics of getting started, where and how to find procurement opportunities in the Federal Marketplace, finding contracting officers and end users, preparing to meet with/call on prospective Federal customers, and how to distinguish and differentiae your company from others.

Participants will further learn how to analyze a procurement to facilitate the business decision as to whether to submit an offer or pass on the opportunity.  The class covers the use of the Contract Opportunities at the, which replaced the Federal Business Opportunities System, locating and using Forecasts of Contracting Opportunities published by Federal agencies.  The many types of contract vehicles the government uses will be covered, including Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), Multi Agency Contracts (MACs), sole source contracts, agency-specific contracts, Commercial Item Acquisitions, and Simplified Acquisitions.

You will learn how to:

  • Effectively locate potential procurement opportunities at the prime and subcontract levels
  • Conduct an analysis of solicitations
  • Understand the Fair Opportunity requirement under Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contracts
  • Locate and understand Federal agencies’ Forecasts of Contracting Opportunities
  • Understand the various set-asides and the unique requirements placed on contractors under set-asides

Who Should Attend:

  • New entrants to the Federal Marketplace
  • Those considering expanding existing business into the Federal Marketplace
  • Individuals responsible for training new employees with responsibility of engaging the Federal Marketplace
  • Certified Schedules Contracts Managers (CSCM)


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