This course gives you an in-depth tutorial on contract management fundamentals including the role of the contract manager in each phase of the acquisition lifecycle. Basic project management principles are interwoven to provide a baseline for successful contract management. Federal contract managers and administrators will be able to solve complex contracting issues, handle contract modifications, comply with contract requirements, fulfill documentation and reporting requirements, and manage difficult situations.


  • Contract administration planning
  • Managing task and delivery orders
  • Procurement integrity, ethics, false claims, organizational conflicts of interest, and risks
  • Contract modifications, terminations for convenience, and compliance
  • Managing the triple constraint: Scope, Cost, Schedule
  • Small-business subcontracting and subcontract management
  • Business systems
  • Billing, and contract monitoring and tracking
  • Performance evaluations
  • Good governance practices
  • Special supplier issues: supply chain management, counterfeit parts, information systems security
    requirements, and more

Learn How To:

  • Use basic project management tools and techniques to manage your project with a focus on federal acquisitions, including the triple constraint (time, cost, and scope), work breakdown structure, project documentation, life cycle costs, identifying and managing risks, Earned Value Management, monitoring and reporting, and project closeout
  • Solve complex contract administration issues and avoid contracting pitfalls
  • Understand procurement rules and regulations, especially legal risks, conflicts, and ethics
  • Monitor costs and milestones in a performance-based contracting environment
  • Handle contract modifications
  • Establish good governance practices, billing systems, reporting and documentation procedures
  • Protect your performance rating


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