Compliance and ethics are integral parts of government procurement.  From the False Claims Act and False Statements Act, through debarment, and including a multitude of other statutes, regulations, and contract provisions, government contracting can be a minefield.  Acting ethically is only the first step to an effective compliance program.

This program will:

  • Survey the major compliance guideposts, including the False Claims and False Statements Acts; suspension and debarment; and FAR part 3;
  • Examine FAR 3.10—the key requirement for a Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct;
  • Outline the steps needed to design and implement an effective contractor compliance and ethics program, including training and internal controls
  • Discuss the various contractor self-reporting requirements; and
  • Highlight several of the current compliance “hot buttons,” including BAA/TAA compliance; GSA discounts and pricing; set-aside prime and subcontracting; Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI); and employee standards of conduct.
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