Join us for a 90-minute interactive webinar where we will discuss and share actionable data on the current “as-is” and future “to-be” states of CPARS ratings.  Learn why CPARS ratings are so critical to your Federal business success.  Understand how to proactively manage your CPARS ratings to ensure they benefit, rather than jeopardize, your future award potential.

This is not a CPARS 101 presentation/tutorial – we’ll assume you know what CPARS is and that it is now the official source for contractor past performance information.

This is an intermediate level interactive CPARS discussion with former Federal government senior acquisition executives with hands-on operational contracting experience including CPARS oversight responsibilities offering real-world operational strategies to manage your CPARS ratings.  We’ll be focusing on why CPARS ratings are so important to your company – right now more than ever – and what you need to do to prepare for what’s on the horizon given recent Federal government policy and Agency procurement CPARS-related initiatives.

FIRST – we’ll discuss the current state of CPARS, the drivers behind recent CPARS ratings trends and the impacts on federal contractors (also allowing time for questions/deeper dives into specific topics) including the following:

  • Provide data on the increased Government use of CPARS to evaluate past performance including impact of CPARS in many self-scoring evaluations
  • Identify changes to the rating process that have made it harder to receive “Exceptional” CPARS ratings
  • Demonstrate that “Satisfactory” CPARS ratings are the new norm but don’t distinguish you nor ensure contract wins
  • Show why the highest accurate CPARS ratings and detailed narratives are essential to retain/win contracts

THEN – we’ll examine recent relevant CPARS past performance/ratings-related initiatives, policy directives and legal decisions within Federal Government policy, Agency procurement, and Congressional organizations.  We’ll explain what you need to do to navigate and leverage these developments to enhance your ability to obtain/retain the highest CPARS past performance ratings and win more federal business (again we will allow ample time for questions/deeper dives into specific topics, so bring your real-life examples with you!) including the following:

  • Learn why your CPARS past performance ratings will become your Federal Business “FICO” score
  • Know that CPARS data will be used during both pre- and post-solicitation phases – how well do your CPARs reflect your performance and will your company be able/invited to bid?
  • Understand how to manage and shape CPARS past performance ratings before they control you
  • Review your options to effectively prevent/correct inaccurate, unfair, or overdue CPARS ratings
  • Discover ways to accurately manage and predict the CPARS ratings you can expect each year
  • Come away knowing how to leverage CPARS performance data to retain a competitive advantage, boost your contract PWIN, and increase your company’s federal revenue potential

Who Should Attend:

  • Company Officers (CEO, COO, CFO)
  • Contract Managers and Administrators
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Delivery and Operations Directors and Managers
  • Business Development, Capture and Proposal Executives
  • Quality/Compliance/Customer Satisfaction Professionals
GovConRx Acquisition Advisory Consulting Services Contract Wellness Solutions

GovConRx helps government contractors proactively manage contract performance to ensure our clients receive the highest accurate Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting Systems (CPARS) ratings they deserve.  The GovConRx Management Team consists of well-known and respected former federal senior acquisition officials and experienced contracting officials with on-going multi-agency relationships .  GovConRx applies specifically designed tools, templates and processes to ensure proactive contract performance and CPARS management support is delivered timely, effectively, and with a contracting officer’s perspective.

Please contact us and we’ll demonstrate how GovConRx can help your company achieve a strategic competitive advantage by effectively managing contract past performance geared towards keeping existing contracts healthy and winning new federal business.

Some Things to Know About Our Virtual Classes

Important: Technology Requirements

You must have the following:

  • Mic and speakers OR a headset.  For the best audio experience, a headset is preferable.
  • Close down all major applications during virtual training

In addition, for the most successful experience we strongly recommend:


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