This training course is designed for contracting professionals who work or are expecting to work, in positions requiring DAWIA Level III certification in contracting. This intensive 10-day course gives advanced students practice in applying the skills and knowledge gained in previous training courses and work experience to realistic learning scenarios. Students will work individually and collaboratively to practice developing sound business solutions as valued strategic and expert business advisors. Participant course work is designed to contribute real solutions on real acquisition problems to senior leadership and local supervisors.

Learning Objectives

  • Contribute in a collaborative environment by providing timely feedback to team members and class
  • Apply critical thinking skills, problem solving methods, leadership skills, and risk mitigation techniques to contracting-related problems
  • Compile information and knowledge for currency in acquisition and contracting
  • Identify various methods to manage employee stress and constant change in the contracting working environment
  • Make a decision on a contracting dilemma that complies with the rules of ethics in contracting
  • Apply an industry and senior government contracting leader perspective to an assigned contracting policy issues

Graded Activities

The following lists represent the graded activities in the course.Individual Assignments

  • Pre-class Written Assignment #1:  Leadership and Team Building
  • Pre-class Written Assignment #2:  Local Challenge Problem Statement
  • Quiz #1 (Pre-class Readings and one in-class lesson)
  • Quiz #2 (3 lessons and 2 films)
  • Local Challenge Project (2 parts: Business Decision Point Paper and Presentation)

Team Assignments

  • Hot Topics Presentation
  • Senior Leadership Project (2 parts: Business Decision Point Paper and Presentation)


  • Class Participation

Pre-Class Assignments

Participants must complete reading assignments and graded written assignments before the first day of class. The assignments will be available online to participants who have enrolled and made tuition payment arrangements.

Target Attendees:

This course is designed for Intermediate-level contracting personnel who are Level I certified in Contracting and have a minimum of 2 years of contracting experience.


Prerequisites: FAC-C or DAWIA Level II Certification in contracting or industrial/contract property management.



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