The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the government contracting community causing many contractors to incur many unexpected costs, be delayed on a number of their projects and some having their contracts either fully or partially terminated. This discussion will walk participants through the request for equitable adjustment process. It will answer many questions to include:

  • When am I entitled to an equitable adjustment?
  • What is the process to obtain an equitable adjustment?
  • What are the most challenging parts of going through this process?
  • What types of expenses can I include in my equitable adjustment proposal?
  • Can I expect to get audited? What does an audit look like?
  • What happens if my REA is rejected?
  • How do I handle the impacts of Section 3610 reimbursements and PPP loans on my request for equitable adjustment?
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  • Avoid using wireless internet network connections.  Wireless connections are inherently unstable and vulnerable to many factors outside the scope of our control.
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