This is a one-day (6 instruction hours) webinar version of Centre’s two-day Antideficiency Act course. The features reduced or deleted from the two-day course include a review of every reported ADA violation, 2005-2014, and a comprehensive review exercise. The one-day course consists of the following topics, all of which are essential to comprehending the Antideficiency Act.


  • Fiscal Law. Fiscal law and the sources of fiscal law, including the disputed fiscal law authorities of the Comptroller General and the Attorney General.
  • Core Concepts. The concepts of “availability” (and its three components); an “obligation;” and an appropriation.
  • Purpose. Availability as to purpose; the “Purpose Statute;” the “Necessary Expense Doctrine” and the GAO’s three-part test for purpose; and selected key purpose topics (e.g., food, gifts, promotional items).
  • Time. Availability as to time; the life cycle of an appropriation; the time rules on the funding of supply contracts and severable and nonseverable service contracts (including crossing fiscal years and incremental funding); and the year’s appropriation to be charged for equitable adjustments, claims, and the ratification of unauthorized commitments.
  • Amount and the Antideficiency Acts. Availability as to amount; the background and purpose of the core ADAs; apportionments – the purpose and processes; subdivisions of apportionments; the ADA on the acceptance of voluntary services and the award of personal services contracts; the dispute between the Comptroller General and Attorney General on certain purpose violations and the ADA; ADA violations – common scenarios of violations, investigation of suspected violations, and penalties.


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Course Number: FC59