Jul 18, 2017

Centre Law & Consulting will be at NCMA World Congress in Chicago from July 23-26, 2017. A number of Centre’s staff have been invited to speak about various federal contracting topics (see below for the topics and times). Centre will also be exhibiting at booth 417.

Monday July 24

Corporate Ethics: Lead from the Top or Pay Through the Nose

A07 • Managing Contracting Organizations • Room 309/311 • Intermediate

David Warner, Partner, Centre Law & Consulting

This session will review recent enforcement actions—including whistleblower, qui tam, and debarment processes— with respect to federal contractors. Hear about the current state of the law concerning “hidden” ethical traps for import/export, ITAR/EAR, and TAA, in addition to the more common traps of the False Claims Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices. Corporate ethics are expected to remain a significant concern for contractors even under the new administration. Leave with guidance to understand the current legal landscape and to identify and mitigate such risk.

The Acquisition Profession’s Essential Tools: Principles of Interpretation

C11 · Foundational Contracting Training • Room 325 · Basic

Kenneth Allen, JD, Attorney and Consultant, Semi-Retired Academic
Barbara Kinosky, Esq., Managing Partner, Centre Law and Consulting

What’s in a word? Lots. Contract interpretation is one of the most important skill sets an acquisition professional can have. Attendees will explore the application of the principles of contract interpretation through real court cases and key federal exceptions.

Tuesday, July 25

Protests Happen, so Now What?

D12 · Foundational Contracting Training · Room 326 · Intermediate

James Phillips Jr, PMP, CFCM, Fellow, Acquisition Consultant, Phillips Training and Consulting Inc.
Barbara S. Kinosky, Esq., Managing Partner, Centre Law and Consulting

When the word protest is used often, both buyer and seller bristle. This presenter speculates on the thinking that the government buyer goes through that ultimately results in a decision that is sustained. Hear key decision points of actual sustained protests.
ACTIVITY: 8-10 short scenarios will be provided for group discussion.

Lessons Gleaned from Successful Protests at GAO

F05 · Business Acumen · Room 326 · Basic

Barbara S. Kinosky, Esq., Managing Partner, Centre Law and Consulting

What makes a protest successful and what can you do to avoid stalling your acquisition due to a protest? With the number of protests increasing, this session gives attendees clear guidance on practices to avoid that will lead to protest.
ACTIVITY: Small groups will discuss protest issues related to specific examples.

Wednesday, July 26

An Overview of GSA’s e-Tools – eOffer/eMod, SIP, TDR Sales Reporting

G15 · Leveraging Advancing Technology · Room 306 · Basic

Maureen Jamieson, Executive Director of Consulting, Centre Law and Consulting
Julia Coon, Consultant, Centre Law and Consulting

This session will show participants how to submit a GSA offer, modifications and other electronic forms such as the CSP-1 and Small Business Subcontracting Plan in eOffer/eMod. Walk through the SIP program and step-by-step instructions for the import/upload process for both products and services. Discussion will focus on GSA’s new Transactional Data Reporting (TDR)/FAS Sales Reporting and the anticipated Formatted Product Tool (FPT).