Apr 19, 2017

Centre Law & Consulting (Centre), a leading provider of training and acquisition services for government agencies, is pleased to announce the award of a contract with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for NRC Acquisition Workforce Training.

Under the contract, Centre will develop and deliver a structured training program which standardizes the education, training, and experience requirements for NRC acquisition professionals, while improving workforce competencies and performance. The instruction provided will include all levels of COR and acquisition courses related to FAC-C & FAC-COR certifications. Courses will be conducted at the NRC’s Professional Development Center and virtually across the United States.

The contract covers a base period of one year with two option years.

“It is an honor to be selected by the NRC as their new training provider, and we are excited to provide our expertise in developing integrated learning solutions for acquisition and procurement personnel,” said Barbara Kinosky, Esq., Managing Partner of Centre. “We look forward to delivering innovative curriculum and content that will strengthen the NRC workforce to align with the NRC’s performance goals.”

Jeffrey Keen, Director of Federal Contracts and Training at Centre Law & Consulting, will serve as Program Manager. He will be the primary point of contact with the NRC and with Hemsley Fraser, a subcontractor that will assist Centre with extensive course customization.

“Our training team is committed to helping the NRC improve the operational knowledge of its staff and we are dedicated to ensuring they receive the best possible support for their training initiatives. We look forward to customizing an education program that will elevate the performance of their employees,” Keen said.

Centre has a long history of working with a variety of government agencies, but this contract marks the first time it will partner with the NRC. Centre was selected based on its experience in creating custom courseware, for its history of providing DAU-approved courses, and for its day-to-day experience in advising government personnel on acquisition and procurement matters.