Mar 28, 2017

Mark your calendars to join Barbara Kinosky at the upcoming Section 809 Panel meeting on April 27 at 11:30am where she will be an invited featured speaker.

Section 809 Panel stakeholder meetings provide a forum for external experts in the defense acquisition community to provide input to representatives of the panel for consideration in the panel’s work. The Section 809 Panel is looking at reforming and streamlining acquisition regulations with a view toward improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the defense acquisition process and maintaining a defense technology advantage. The panel is charged with making recommendations for the amendment or repeal of such regulations that the panel considers necessary, as a result of such review, to:

  • Establish and administer appropriate buyer and seller relationships in the procurement system
  • Improve the functioning of the acquisition system
  • Ensure the continuing financial and ethical integrity of defense procurement programs
  • Protect the best interests of the Department of Defense
  • Eliminate any regulations that are unnecessary for the purposes described

All Section 809 Panel meetings are open to the general public and details are posted to the panel’s website.
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