Terminations, Suspension & Debarment Representation

Centre’s lawyers serve as seasoned crisis counselors in sensitive suspension and debarment situations. Our objective is to quickly develop evidence in mitigation, extenuation, and rebuttal to show present contractor responsibility and to secure the best possible result with minimal personnel and business interruptions.

Suspension and debarment are discretionary adverse administrative actions which prevent private companies and individuals from participating in Federal Government contracts, subcontracts, loans, grants and other assistance programs.  Often, they can have a devastating effect on hard working individuals or companies doing business with the Federal Government.  The effect of suspension and debarment by a Federal agency is government-wide.  Generally, contractors who are debarred or suspended are listed in the System Award Management.

Services Offered:

  • Preparation and representation during debarment hearings
  • Responses to Government investigations
  • Responses to notices of proposed suspension and debarment
  • Administrative compliance agreement negotiation and management
  • Corporate governance and compliance policies counseling
  • Responses to show cause letters or request for information (“ROI”)
  • Business ethics training and compliance
  • Mandatory Disclosure Rule guidance
  • Submission of impact evidence in judicial and other forums
  • Development of present contractor responsibility evidence

Terminations, Suspensions & Debarment FAQs

How does suspension or debarment impact my business and me?
What are the reasons for suspension or debarment?
What is the suspension and debarment process?
Are there any other options short of suspension and debarment?
I have additional questions about my situation. What should I do?

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