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Centre Consulting’s Federal Contracting Institute is an approved NCMA Education Provider.

Join our CSCM certificate program and training community! CSCM is a certification training program in managing, negotiating, and complying with GSA & VA Schedule contracts.

Earning a certificate in the Certified Schedules Contracts Manager (CSCM) program shows that you are an expert in Federal Supply and Multiple Award Schedule contracting. Participants learn to navigate the complex system of creating and maintaining Schedules and mastering all elements of Schedule audits. Upon completion of the program, attendees are experts in managing, negotiating, and complying with GSA & VA Schedule contracts. In addition, members become part of a community where they can attend a free quarterly chat with GSA & VA Schedules experts, participate in a free breakfast networking event with GSA Schedules experts, and gain access to exclusive GSA related jobs and opportunities on Centre’s job board only accessible to CSCM candidates.

**CSCM candidates: please email us at to receive your password to access the Centre job board site.

Congratulations to our two newest graduates of the CSCM Program: Oslen Best and Wendy Smith!

With our certificate program, Certified Schedules Contracts Manager (CSCM), you will:

  • Learn to navigate the complex system of creating and maintaining GSA and VA Schedules
  • Become an expert in Federal Supply and Multiple Award Schedule contracting
  • Gain access to exclusive GSA related jobs and opportunities with our exclusive CSCM Job Board
  • Be eligible for a promotion
  • Increase your salary potential
  • Become part of a community
  • Attend a free quarterly chat with GSA & VA Schedules experts
  • Participate in a free annual breakfast networking event with GSA Schedules experts
  • Master all elements of Schedule audits

This certificate program requires the completion of three mandatory courses, one online course, and three electives.  The certificate is valid for two years, after which the individual must attend a one-day Annual Review to renew the certificate for an additional two years.  Click here to sign up using our online application.

Click here to apply for the CSCM program.

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“My experience with Centre and the CSCM certification training program has been excellent in all aspects – most assuredly the content of the training, the professionalism and knowledge of the instructors, class scheduling and support staff, and the willingness of everyone to go above and beyond in answering and responding to questions before, during, and after training. It has enhanced and broadened my knowledge of the GSA Schedules program, resulting in much more confidence in myself, and more efficiency in my job.”

- Barbara J. Paszternak, GSA Schedule Manager at Esri


“The caliber of the instructors in this program is probably its greatest asset.  In addition, I appreciated that the program was not based on lectures alone.  There was always significant interaction between the instructors and the students which allowed for meaningful learning and dialogue.  Some of the courses I have taken at other institutions were geared toward teaching for a certification exam.  Centre’s goal is to make you a better informed and more prepared contracts professional, which adds a great amount of value to the CSCM certification.”

- Jennifer Libby, GSA Contracts Manager, Emergent, LLC


“It has been very beneficial during my employment. The courses and instructors were excellent! Great program! Keep up the good work!

- Janet George


“I have a Masters in Federal Contracting through ESI-GW University, and I’ve been involved in Federal Contracting for 20 years, so I use FED CTR to keep up on changes; now attend annual update classes. I like the CSCM program because it’s typically small classes and allows for good dialog between participants. I often learn about different contracting vehicles and how they are managed though other participants. I was pleased to see that Fed Ctr now has more focus on training on the schedules program, specifically the VA schedules for Medical products and services”

- Cathleen Fuhrman, Corporate Account Executive ,Federal Government Business, Sysmex America, Inc.


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CSCM Job Board

A benefit for CSCM members only, our CSCM Job Board is updated daily with the latest GSA-related jobs and opportunities from around the country.

Required Curriculum

* Waiver may be requested for applicants with 7 or more years of experience in federal contracting or who have completed CON 110.

Online Course

Electives (Choose Three)