Are you using the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) information in your business, marketing, and proposal development? It is a free real-time database serving the government acquisition community and is recognized as the authoritative source of contract information that is updated daily.  The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) establishes FPDS as the official reporting tool and repository for Federal procurement transactions.

Our FPDS: A Guide to Competitive Intelligence course is a dynamic one-day introduction for federal contracting professionals that provides an overview of FPDS reporting by Federal agencies, what transactions are required to be reported, and what is and is not available through FPDS. We also explain the distinct advantages of using FPDS vs. USAspending.gov, and how you can use these databases to boost your federal sales.

But What’s In It for Me?

  • While agencies are required by Federal Law to publish Forecasts of Contracting Opportunities, not all forecasts are robust or contain actual procurements to be re-competed. To truly know where procurement opportunities are, you have to know where, with whom, and how the Government spends its money – especially when multi-year contracts are involved and are ready to expire.
  • Why waste marketing or business development dollars targeting agencies where opportunities do not exist? Data from FPDS allows you to focus your efforts in areas that offer the greatest potential returns on your investment. You can learn to identify every transaction reported Government-wide on a specific Product/Service Code to identify new opportunity sources for previous and current contracts, including their expiration dates.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Find out who buys what, how they buy, and whether these procurements are conducted through the Federal Supply Schedules Program, Other Government Agency Contracts, or on the open market
  • Identify when your competitors’ contracts will expire or when other contracts in your commercial line of endeavor are due to expire and be re-competed
  • Find out if set-asides are used in acquiring the products and services you offer and if you can qualify
  • Create individual FPDS accounts and run reports using the valuable and powerful ad hoc reporting capabilities of FPDS
  • Focus and target your marketing efforts to areas that offer the best potential return for your investment

What’s Included?

  • Breakfast
  • Light refreshments
  • Course materials (including a copy of the Government’s most recent Product/Service Code (PSC) Manual and the FPDS Data Dictionary for download)


In response to requests from participants, Centre has added a second optional day of FPDS training.  The second day is devoted to hands-on creation of FPDS ad hoc reports using more progressive and complex exercises to assist participants in developing and further honing their skills.  The optional second day allows the instructor to assist participants with creating specific reports in their FPDS accounts for future use and to provide more individualized attention.  The optional second day is more advanced than the introductory instruction and an excellent way for participants to apply and reinforce skills and knowledge obtained during the introductory class while having access to the Centre instructor.

Your competitors have this information and use it to their competitive benefit and advantage, why shouldn’t you?

* This course uses a combination of both lecture and hands-on laboratory, whereby participants will access FPDS, create and run reports. Participants are required to bring a laptop or other portable personal computing device with WiFi and Internet capability in order to access and create ad hoc reports using FPDS. WiFi connectivity will be provided courtesy of Centre Law & Consulting in the classroom.


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