Success! Your company has become a successful government contractor and business is growing! You’re winning higher dollar, flexibly priced contracts and the future is bright!

But then you receive a risk assessment form from your Contracting Officer asking for information that’s needed to determine if you are subject to a Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR), a government review to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the way your company spends Government funds and complies with federal policy when subcontracting. While this development might cause some to worry and wonder what will happen next, there’s no reason to panic.

This webinar will give you a brief introduction and overview of key points you’ll need to manage the review, including:

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Define the objectives of a CPSR
  • Understand the CPSR process
  • Describe the 3 basic steps to a CPSR
  • Successfully manage a CPSR audit

Join us midday and in just a couple of hours you’ll be more familiar with the CPSR process!


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